The official program of the Festival consists of several parts: competitions, exhibitions and seminars.

The competition program includes the architecture contests.

For the commercial companies there are 2 exhibitions: “Materials and technologies” and “Real estates”.

The seminars include press-conferences, lectures, presentations and workshops by the well-known architects, as well as round tables, discussions on the sensitive issues.

11 architectural contests:

• "Russian regions"
• "Architectural masterpieces: buildings and projects"
• "Architectural studios and workshops"
• "Masterpieces by young architects"

• "Student’s works"

• "Children’s works"

• "The best paper on the architecture or an architect"
• "The best film on the architecture or an architect"

• "Reputation” (the special award by S.Kiselev)

• "Ecological sustainable architecture"

For participation, please, contact the Office:
Address: 123001, Moscow, 12 Granatny per.
Tel. +7 (495) 690-68- 65,