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The official program of the Festival consists of several parts: competitions, exhibitions and seminars.

The competition program includes the architecture contests.

For the commercial companies there are 2 exhibitions: “Materials and technologies” and Real estates.

The seminars include press-conferences, lectures, presentations and workshops by the well-known architects, as well as round tables, discussions on the sensitive issues.

11 architectural contests:

• "Russian regions"
"Architectural masterpieces: buildings and projects"
"Architectural studios and workshops"
"Masterpieces by young architects"

"Student’s works"

"Childrens works"

"The best paper on the architecture or an architect"
"The best film on the architecture or an architect"

"Reputation (the special award by S.Kiselev)

"Ecological sustainable architecture"

For participation, please, contact the Office:
Address: 123001, Moscow, 12 Granatny per.
Tel. +7 (495) 690-68- 65, info@zodchestvo.com